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Victor Le'Yon has done it all. He's performed at colleges, banquets, conferences, networking events, theater productions, seminars – if you can name it, he's hypnotized, or read someone's mind at a similar event. Victor can adapt his show to fit your event, or even help you craft an event around his show. Regardless of your needs, Victor is ready to make it as perfect as it can be!

In addition to providing his own services, Victor draws from a vast network of local and international performers, such as stilt walkers, fire eaters, dancers, drag queens, clowns, and burlesque performers–which can take complicated bookings off your plate. He will curate an amazing lineup for your event – all you need to do is show up!

The quintessential showperson, whether you need a barrel of laughs, amazing mentalism, or to take some event production headaches off your plate, Victor knows the business like the back of his – oh wait, what's that doing there?

Every show or service quoted or rendered includes, unless otherwise specified in the contract:

  • Props & backgrounds specific to that show
  • Performance & tech assistants needed for the show or performance
  • The appropriate insurance and licensure
  • Applicable taxes
  • Fees for services covered in the contract

For other amenities not provided for in this list, please see the Add-On Services section below.

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The full shows outlined below run between 30 and 90 minutes.
Every service or show Victor offers is customizable to your unique event needs.

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The Avant Garde Mentalist

Impossible… Is just a word!

Danger, Humor, Suspense, Drama, Art, and Miracles–Victor Le'Yon arranges all this and more in this highly interactive and mystifying performance. This show is not for the faint of heart and will leave a lasting impression on every single audience member for the rest of their lives —it's an experience your guests will never forget.

Poster depicting Victor Le'Yon as the Avant Garde Mentalist


The Avant Garde Hypnotist

You're getting… sleepy!

Guests become the stars of the show when volunteers are put in a hypnotic trance leading to new languages, new dances, new personalities, and more! Safe and hilarious, the Comedy Hypnosis show is a surefire hit!

Want to spice it up? You can also book the nation's leading Drag Queen Hypnotist here!

Walk Around Mentalism

The cure for a boring brunch

You've never seen mind reading this close before! Victor’s telepathic and psychic abilities will leave your guests entertained and amazed. His signature witty banter and years of practice to perfection are an exceptional way to liven up a cocktail party or networking event!


College & Corporate Events

For all college and corporate events please contact Victor’s management team below.

Metropolis Management

PO Box 1784
Newark, CA 94560

(510) 592-4327
or (510)342-9229

Victor considers it an honor to be able to tell his story of triumph in the face of homelessness, abuse, neglect, violence, hate, suicide attempts and mental illness. As well as to educate audiences on understanding the always growing spectrum of the LGBTQIA+ community. Victor talks about all this while being able to weave your themes into a presentation that can transform from deep and sincere to interactive and hilarious.

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Motivational Speaking

Create unforgettable memories

Witty, Sassy, Motivational, Enlightening, and HILARIOUS! This is not your average keynote – because Victor is not your average person! From magic, drag, stand up comedy, mind reading, and hypnosis - Victor already has a lifetime of experience than most people and draws on his unique life story to help inspire your audiences to take life's journey for all its worth!

LGBTQIA+ Educational Seminars

The more you know!

Gender. In recent years, this one word has sparked much debate. Victor tackles tough subjects like this and your questions while teaching you how to move forward with kindness and respect to people with non-binary and non-cis experiences through not just gender – but the expression and the identity of things within the LGBTQIA+ Community.

Learn the appropriate things to say (and not say), plus how to support and ally around your LGBTQIA+ friends and colleagues. Victor teaches you how to understand one another from the fundamental pieces we all share to the things that make the queer community as vast and diverse as it is.


My clients loved these show upgrades and your audience will too!

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Photo & Video

Create unforgettable memories
  • Full 1080p video & sound recording of the show
  • Free private links to send out to any/all of your guests
  • All data collection and distribution is handled securely and professionally

Group Demonstration

Get your entire audience laughing

Victor will perform a separate 5–15 minute comedy, magic, and mind-reading act for a specific group. Great to add to a VIP package or to begin the event/program and address the audience after walk around entertainment.

Add a Little Magic

Spark something special during the show!
  • A discounted rate for 1-2 hours of walk around entertainment before or after your show
  • A handful of free “impossible” souvenirs for your guests - given out during the walk around entertainment.

Q&A Meet & Greet

Victor - Up Close & Personal
  • Victor will spend up to 30-60 minutes onstage answering your questions from audience members after the show OR you can bundle an educational/motivational talk within the same 24 hour period of your show for a discounted price.
  • Dedicated one-on-one time with audience members
  • Professional photo booth area with lighting may be provided upon request

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