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Cool, Calm, Collected, and Hilarious! Hypnotist, Mentalist, Drag Queen, and Comedian - Victor Le'Yon does it all. Known as The "Avant-Garde'' Mentalist and the nation’s leading Drag Queen Hypnotist - Victor brings fashion, wit, and their charming personality to your event in hysterical and mind-blowing presentations. They’ve performed for television, theaters, colleges, and corporate events across the nation. They are an LGBTQIA+ advocate and person of non-binary experience who has overcome harassment, violence, neglect, and homelessness.

Today Victor travels the country as a professional entertainer after headlining and managing one of the largest drag venues in the country, being featured on TedX, and headlining a national Google Fiber commercial campaign. When not on the road Victor enjoys fine teas, going to local art and variety shows, Italian food, old movies, incense sticks, spending time with their cats and dogs. and taking very long baths.

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Kiki Uchawi is her name, and she is the world’s leading Drag Queen Hypnotist, as seen on Hulu! She is the drag daughter of Kennedy Davenport from Rupaul's Drag Race and the mother of the haus of Uchawi.  Kiki is now on tour after a headlining engagement, hosting one of the largest drag venues in the country 4-6 nights a week since 2019.  She recently has been featured on TedX, a national Google Fiber commercial campaign, and other television and magazine articles around the country.

When not in drag, Kiki is more formally known as Victor Le’Yon: the Avant Garde mentalist performing nationwide. Kiki offers a full throttle Comedy Drag Hypnosis show as well as game shows such as Trivia, Bingo, Jeopardy, or family feud featuring fabulous prizes, and also offers various different types of live drag performances.

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Meet Victor.

As seen in magazines and television appearances, Kansas City’s own Victor Le’Yon takes the classic magician/hypnotist and gives it his own stylish, modern twist. Victor’s mind-bending illusions and comedic chops have wowed audiences across the nation.

Since performing while homeless on the streets of Kansas City at 16, he’s studied with top entertainers in the business, joined prestigious organizations, and earned awards for his craft. Let Victor Le’Yon make your event sensational!

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