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Let's take your event to the next level

Victor Le'Yon has done it all. He's performed at banquets, conferences, networking events, theatre productions, seminars–if you can name it, he's hypnotised someone at a similar event. Victor can adapt his show to fit your event, or even help you craft an event around his show. Regardless of your needs, Victor is the right person to call for the job.

In addition to providing his own services, Victor draws from a vast network of local and international performers, such as stilt walkers, fire eaters, dancers, drag queens, clowns, burlesque performers, which can take complicated bookings off your plate. He will curate an amazing lineup for your event–all you need to do is show up!

The quintessential showman, whether you need a barrel of laughs, amazing magic, or to take some event production headaches off your plate, Victor knows the business like the back of his–oh wait, what's that doing there?

Every show or service quoted or rendered includes, unless otherwise specified in the contract:

  • Props & backgrounds specific to that show
  • Performance & tech assistants needed for the show or performance
  • The appropriate insurance and licensure
  • Applicable taxes
  • Fees for services covered in the contract

For other amenities not provided for in this list, please see the Add-On Services section below.

Full Shows

The full shows outlined below run between 30 and 60+ minutes.
Every service or show Victor offers is customizable to your unique event needs.

Comedy Hypnosis Show

You're getting humorously sleepy...

Don't let Victor have all the fun! Guests become the stars of the show when volunteers are put in a hypnotic trance leading to new languages, new dances, new personalities, and more! Safe and hilarious, the Comedy Hypnosis show is the most requested show Victor has ever created–a surefire hit! 

Full Length Magic Show

60 minutes of amazement

This is the big time, folks! Victor Le'Yon is here to pull out all the tricks, all the magic, and all the laughs. Your guests will be at the edge of their seats the entire time!

Walk Around Magic Show

The cure for a very boring brunch

Let’s face it, some banquets just don’t have that spark of danger and mystery. Victor Le’Yon solves that problem with his expert skills in close-up slight of hand magic and witty banter–right up close at the table! Your guests will see the tricks up close–but they’ll still be amazed at the magic before their very eyes! For larger events, Victor will bring his magician friends and they’ll spend the evening walking around the room, keeping your audience in astonishment!

Close Up Magic Show

Up close and versatile

For groups of 15 or fewer, Victor Le'Yon crafts a 30 minute close-up slight-of-hand show that will have your guests laughing–and gasping in astonishment. The intimacy of magic in small groups is definitely a memorable experience, and your guests will remember this hilarious, exclusive, and VIP experience forever.

Other services

The services below are customizable to your unique event needs.

Motivational Speaking

Inspirational self help

A diversity, lgbtq+, and performing arts activist, Victor Le’Yon can take on many subjects when he takes the stage. When hired to speak on these topics, Victor takes the audience on an emotional rollercoaster of laughter and tears. As a trained hypnotist, Victor can teach audiences of any size on how to hypnotise themselves into meeting their goals and forming healthy habits. Victor is happy to adapt any presentation to conform to your company’s needs.

Event Curation

One stop event shopping

Victor Le'Yon has built events for years. If you need special entertainment for a large scale event,  Victor can be as hands on or off as needed and build a roster of well qualified and dazzling performers that will entertain your socks off. He knows the best stilt walkers, fire eaters, costumed characters, drag queens, comedians, clowns, jugglers, and aerial artists in the business.

Add-On Services

Every Add-On that Victor offers is customizable to your unique event needs.

Sound Equipment

Can you hear me now?

Victor Le'Yon Entertainment, LLC can bring mics, music, a sound system, and even a DJ if necessary.


Let there be light!

Banquet Hall not bright enough? Let us light up that stage so your performers and keynote speakers aren't wandering around in the dark.

Show Recording

A night to remember

Want to look back and remember all the fun? We have professional videographers at the ready to record our performance for your guests to take home with them!

Magic Kits/Books

Learn how to do magic!

Our magic kits and instructional books are a favorite among our clients. After watching Victor perform, your guests will want to learn how to perform magic as well. Guests may also choose to purchase these product privately after a show without the Meet & Greet add-on. This Add-on is appropriate for ages 16+ due to the complexity of the product.

Meet & Greet

Get to know Victor Le'Yon

We'll bring a backdrop, lighting, free autographs, and a merchandising table to allow your guests to meet Victor Le'Yon after the show, and take home some magic tricks to learn themselves!


Oh lawd he a'comin'

Victor Le'Yon may be based in Kansas City, MO, but he can travel to all 50 United States and Internationally. Accommodations and travel expenses may apply.

How to Schedule

Hiring Victor Le'Yon is designed to be an easy, informative process.

Show Deposit


Most shows require a nonrefundable deposit to cover marketing costs, insurance, personnel, and travel for the dates requested. 

Reserve the Date

One stop event shopping

We will hold your requested date(s) for up to one week while we await the signing of contracts and payment of deposits.

Cancellation Policy

Sometimes these things happen

If your event is canceled due to an act of god, while the deposit is nonrefundable, we can move your event to a later date of your choosing (if said dates are available.)


Share the love!

Refer a client and receive $100 off your next booking and a personalized gift from Victor Le'Yon. Be sure to have them mention your referral during the booking process to redeem.

Event Insurance

Worry-free event experience

All performances are insured and special event insurance can be requested per event.

COVID-19 Accomodations

Victor Le'Yon takes CDC Guidelines during the COVID-19 Pandemic seriously. Victor Le'Yon offers virtual shows, but in the event that Victor puts on a live show, social distancing is strictly observed,  Victor arrives masked and is covid tested weekly during high performance months, hypnosis volunteers are spread apart and masked, all equipment is sanitized before and after each performance, and safety is our utmost priority.

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